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Welcome to KanjiStyle.com!
This site is for designers who wish to use Japanese calligraphy or kanji for design materials.
You can choose and download the JPEG image of your favorite kanji from over 1300 pieces of beautiful calligraphy which have been produced by an professional Japanese calligrapher.
You can also edit the downloaded image for use in any printed matter, movies, homepage, tattoo, clothes, placards, and so on.

Copyright 2008, Primo Passo Inc. All Rights Reserved.
We also accept order-made production for your favorite word, your special words , your name in kanji.
We also produce Japanese version of your name for your business card.

A Happy New Year
A Happy New Year
big happiness
bring happiness
good luck
day-to-day good day
love angel dream family respect warrior endurance peace reiki zen brave courage dragon fighting spirit happiness harmony idiom of "family" idiom of "truth" Japan judo

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